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  • TTS 265 Healthcare and the Blockchain with Chrissa McFarlane Juli 7, 2020
    Chrissa McFarlane, CEO and Founder of Patientory, is tackling global need: secure health information management that is concerned with patient privacy. And McFarlane sees blockchain technology as a part of the solution.McFarlane realized the world has a very big problem: the healthcare industry is slow to innovate and inefficient. Nothing in recent memory has made […]
  • Bitcoin Audible - Masters & Slaves of Money - Part 1 [Robert Breedlove] Juli 7, 2020
    "Money is a tool for trading human time. Central banks, the modern-era masters of money, wield this tool as a weapon to steal time and inflict wealth inequality." - Robert BreedloveBreedlove brings us another excellent write up, this time on the nature of monetary masters and the power dynamic they embody. Exploring the Trans-Atlantic slave […]
  • WBD233 - Next Level Bitcoin Privacy with Alex Gladstein & Chris Belcher Juli 4, 2020
    Privacy is a fundamental human right, and with society migrating away from physical to digital cash, we are losing one of the remaining ways to transact privately. Bitcoin is an entirely public ledger, in that every transaction is broadcast to everyone running the Bitcoin software. Anyone can view these transactions, but there are ways to […]
  • Proof of Love Ep. 65 Living With Gratitude - On The Road With Alyze Sam Juli 3, 2020
    The #ProofOfGratitude tour continues and, on this episode of Proof of Love, Lauren joins Tatiana and Alyze Sam (who are hanging out together) to recap PorcFest and to discuss their upcoming travel and professional plans. "It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life." Tatiana and Alyze joined their friend Michael Horowitz in […]
  • Unhashed Podcast - Casa's Wallet of Total Trust Juli 3, 2020
    Shownotes:On this episode of the Unhashed Podcast: Blockstream's liquid bridge is bugged, Lightning Network may be vulnerable to an easy attack, and Casa's Jameson Lopp is shilling their wallet without being upfront about the 100% trust assumptions you must make with Casa to use it or even their 2-of-3 product. On top of this, there […]
  • Portfolio Manager Juli 6, 2020
    A portfolio manager is responsible for investing a fund's assets, implementing its investment strategy, and managing the day-to-day portfolio trading.
    Staff Author
  • Government Stimulus and Relief Efforts to Fight the COVID-19 Crisis Juli 6, 2020
    Here's what stimulus and relief measures governments and central banks are implementing to fight the economic disruption caused by COVID-19.
    Staff Author
  • Advertising Elasticity of Demand (AED) Definition Juli 6, 2020
    Advertising elasticity of demand (AED) measures a market's sensitivity to increases or decreases in advertising saturation and its effect on sales.
    Staff Author
  • Total Permanent Disability – TPD Definition Juli 6, 2020
    Total permanent disability (TPD) is a condition in which an individual is no longer able to work due to injuries.
    Staff Author
  • Rate of Adoption Juli 6, 2020
    The rate of adoption refers to how quickly members of a society use new technology as it is introduced over a period of time.
    Staff Author